Oil removing work is running, the United Nations will help

Oil removing from SundarbanForest division continues the work of removing oil from Sundarban with the help of local people. But there is complaining about the financial crisis. United Nations have agreed to support Bangladesh to control the oil.

It has been said in the English Daily Newspaper of Dhaka the Daily Star in a report on Wednesday that, the work of oil collecting has disrupted due to the funding crisis. It is also said in the report that, people are leaving the work because they are not getting the full or half of the promised amount. However, a government official said, workers are getting paid according their working hour. Continue reading

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London’s highest selling book is ‘Unfinished Autobiography’

Unfinished Autobiography‘The Unfinished Biography of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’ has been sold, most among the other top political leaders written in Bengali language in the last year in London.

Sangita Library is the only institution that buys and sells Bengali and other mainstream literary in London. It is situated in the historic Brick Lane in East London named Bengali Curry (Spiced Food). One of the owners Shanur Miah said the book unfinished biography of Bangabandhu was sold 380 copies in last six months. They could sell more if they get the book immediately after the release.

He said the book has a huge demand for the general readers, though seven hundred copies of the book have been distributed free among the activists of the Awami League of London. It still has a good response. Relatively the price of the book is high in comparison to other books. It costs 18 pounds in London currency and 2500 taken in Bangladeshi currency. Continue reading

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Suggestion for Permanent Commission to prevent fraud

#Multi Level MarketingA team formed by the Ministry of Commerce suggested forming a permanent commission to prevent the forgery in the name of Multi Level Marketing or MLM.

In recent years, there is complaining against several organizations like ‘Jubok’ and ‘Destiny 2000 Ltd.’ they took millions of money from the people. It also said in the report that, if the permanent commission formed, then the commission will decide on the terms of refunding customers’ money.

Mushtaq Ahmed of Chittagong is a Government worker. This third-grade officer started to deposit money in the Youth Employment Society or Jubok since 2006 in the hope of getting more profit. He deposited almost 15 lakh taka in Jubok taking from his relatives who live in abroad. But he got nothing in return. He said, “I’m Invested a lot of money in Jubok since 2006. I gave 15 lakh taka. I can get the money, or I’m not getting any faith that the company will return me my money.” Continue reading

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James Bond is coming once again in 2015

#James Bond

James Bond

British Secret Agent James Bond can be a fictional character, but his fans don’t fill their mind seeing him on the silver screen. Do they want to know, when the next movie will be released?

Bond fans have reason to be angry. Now Movie isn’t being made so often with their favorite character. The work of the movie ‘Sky Fall’ was stopped when MGM Studio was almost closed off for debt in 2010. The film released in 2012. This Bond movie broke all the previous records of commercially successful British film. ‘Sky Fall’ did business of 110 million dollars in the World Box Office. Continue reading

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