Emirates have to take initiative to reduce the suffering of domestic workers

#Domestic Workers

Domestic Workers

HRW has criticized the working condition of migrant workers in UAE. According to this organization, workers from Asia and Africa are being tortured here. About this Grehem Lucas said to the media.

UAE is one of the richest countries among top ten rich countries of the world. There are almost one and half million domestic workers. Most of them are from Philippines, Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Ethiopia. Women of these countries work to reduce and release the unemployment problem of their countries. Officials attract these women displaying the greed of giving job and regular salary. They have complained about torture and even sexual harassment. The list is huge. In this regard, Emirates didn’t do much bigger. Continue reading

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Abbas Uddin Ahmad

Abbas Uddin Ahmad

Abbas Uddin Ahmad

Abbas Uddin Ahmad is a renowned Bengali folk singer. This outstanding singer was born on 27th October 1901 at the Boloypur village of Tufangonj Subdivision in Kuchbihar District of West Bengal. His father Zafar Ali was an advocate of Tufangonj Subdivision. Abbas Uddin started his educational life at Bolorampur School. He passed entrance from the Tufangonj School in 1919 and was from the Kuchbihar College in 1921. He was failing in B.A. from this College and entered into the world of music.

Abbas Uddin is known nationwide as a singer. He sang Modern songs, Patriotic songs, Islamic songs, Folk songs. But his originality and success is in folk song. He had no master in this music world. He showed his talent to everyone. Initially, he was a singer of the village. He became attracted to music by listening them from Jatra, Theater, Cultural events of school-college and learned music by his effort. After that, he learned classical music from Ustad Jamiruddin Kha for some days. Abbas Uddin gained popularity by singing Vaoaia and Khirdhol Chotka of Rangpur and Kuchbihar region. Then he was popular by singing Bhatiali, Jari, Shari, Murshidi, Bicchedi, Dehattob, Morshia, Pala and other kinds of songs. Continue reading

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Medicine of Ebola virus in West Africa in a few weeks

Medicine of Ebola Virus

Medicine of Ebola Virus

World Health Organization said that they would send the medicine of Ebola virus to West Africa in a few weeks that they made from the blood of Ebola recovered peoples.

A senior official of WHO Dr. Merry Paul Kenny said that, the serum has been made for the treatment of Ebola virus, and it can be found in Liberia within a few weeks. She informed that they were making the serum from the antibody found in the blood of Ebola recovered peoples.

She said that, they are making the serum cure the infected peoples, and they are working here in partnership with three seriously affected countries of West Africa. And the process of blood collection and use will start in Liberia within the next few weeks. Continue reading

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Boxer Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali was a former US Boxer, three-time world heavyweight champion and light heavyweight gold medalist of Olympic. On 1999 BBC and Sports Elaterid declared him sportsman of the century.

Ali was born in Luis villa, Kentucky. Then his father Cassias Markelas clay senior named him after the name of a slavery opposition politician Cassias Clay. Ali joined Islamic organization Nation of Islam and converted to Islam in 1975 and changes his name.

Muhammad Ali was born in 1942. His father Clay senior was a painter of signboard and billboard, and his mother Odisa Gradi Clay was a housewife. Though Clay senior was a Methodist but he gave permission to his wife to take his children to Baptist. Continue reading

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