Boxer Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali was a former US Boxer, three-time world heavyweight champion and light heavyweight gold medalist of Olympic. On 1999 BBC and Sports Elaterid declared him sportsman of the century.

Ali was born in Luis villa, Kentucky. Then his father Cassias Markelas clay senior named him after the name of a slavery opposition politician Cassias Clay. Ali joined Islamic organization Nation of Islam and converted to Islam in 1975 and changes his name.

Muhammad Ali was born in 1942. His father Clay senior was a painter of signboard and billboard, and his mother Odisa Gradi Clay was a housewife. Though Clay senior was a Methodist but he gave permission to his wife to take his children to Baptist. Continue reading

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How to avoid all the risks of Ebola?

The Risks of Ebola

The Risks of Ebola

How does Ebola spread?

Ebola virus spreads quickly through the fluid in the patient’s body. The symptoms of the disease at this stage, patients usually suffer from vomiting, bleeding, diarrhea, etc. Blood, urine and feces are most infectious. In the last stage of the disease huge amount of virus contains in small hatches of these. Any nursing person would not be infected with the virus if he got touched by patient’s blood if he wash his or her hand clearly, but however if his or her hand is wounded or touch the eyes, nose or mouth then the virus will go to his or her body.

What are the symptoms of the disease?

The symptom shows within two to twenty days, but it doesn’t take more than five to seven days. It starts with headaches, fever, kink-gut, muscle inflammation and severe muscle weakness. But most of the symptoms are like Flu so you can’t be sure it is Ebola or not. However, recently if someone shows the symptoms who has returned from West Africa fears this. The next stage of infection is diarrhea, vomiting and abdominal pain as well as spots in the body. Kidney and Liver can’t work in the normal way. Patients may suffer from internal bleeding even bleeding from ears, nose, eyes and mouth. Continue reading

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Bangladeshi militants are getting encouraged by the movement of IS



Bangladesh has been invited to participate in the international anti-militant coalition Islamic state. The sponsor of the alliance is US president Barak Obama. Meanwhile, intelligent are saying about IS ‘connection’ in Bangladesh.

54 countries, including 5 Arab countries promised to take part in the anti-Islamic State (IS or IEC) operation led by the US. Bangladesh has been also invited to participate in this alliance in the meeting held in New York. Bangladesh made clear their anti-militancy position, but did not take part in the meeting.

Barak Obama declared the outlined plans of the multinational coalition to protest IS two weeks ago. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Man expressed his solicitude at the UN Conference.

United Nations Security Council has approved a proposal for acceptance of all the member countries of UN Security Council on Wednesday that they banned the admission of foreign militaries in the Military group IS that occupying a large area of Iraq and Syria. Continue reading

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MH 370 is being missing for six months

MH 370

MH 370

There is the history of searching a missing aircraft like this in the history of navigate: spending a huge amount of time and using the power, and with the amount of intensity and concentration. But there is no sign or trace of the plane six months after the accident.

The details of the plan have memorized: 8th March 2014. The plane of Malaysian airlines Boeing 777 disappeared on its way from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. There were 227 passengers and 12 crews in the plane. In total, they are citizens of 14 countries. All members of the crew are of Malaysia led by experienced pilot Jahari Ahmad Sah. And two-third passengers were Chinese citizens.

The plane was supposed to go northeast from KL towards Cambodia and Vietnam. It was known within a few days that the aircraft has surely changed its direction. Then search done on the South China Sea, Malacca Canal and at last southern part of the Indian Ocean.

Vietnam, Malaysia, China, Thailand, India, Australia, New Zealand and USA sent aircraft and ships to assist finding the aircraft MH370. Continue reading

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